What is matriculate?

Matriculate is a non-profit organization that strives to help thousands of incredibly talented and high-achieving, low-income high school students who miss the chance to attend some of the top colleges simply because they do not apply. This lost opportunity means that these top students may attend colleges where they ultimately pay more and do not receive the support that they deserve, leading to lower grades and graduation rates, as well as more debt.

This is a problem that Matriculate seeks to solve–but only with the help of our college student Advising Fellows. We're at seven colleges and universities and the list is growing!


  • Matriculate trains college students at top institutions to work one-on-one with high-achieving, low-income high school students to provide them with the information, guidance, and support that they need to apply to, gain admission to, and excel at the best colleges and universities.
  • Help exceptional high school students identify colleges that are a good fit; complete essays, resumes, recommendations and application forms; apply for financial aid and compare packages; and prepare academically, socially, and emotionally to succeed in college.
  • Being a Matriculate Advising Fellow means making a commitment to guide and support high-achieving, low-income high school students across the country as they navigate the college admissions process. 
  • We’re looking for top undergraduates who are passionate about helping others navigate the college process, have strong interpersonal skills, and above all, who want to make a difference in someone’s life.

Our fellows:

  • Help forever change the lives of high school students
  • Help build a sustainable, equitable solution to college access in America
  • Build experience to advance their resume for jobs, internships, and graduate school
  • Gain communication, coaching, writing, teaching, and advising skills
  • Develop valuable interview and job skills
  • Are part of an elite fellowship on campus

Matriculate is seeking college students who:

  • Are committed to our mission and want to make a real difference
  • Are able to commit 5-6 hours a week for four sequential semesters
  • Have exceptional communication and helping skills
  • Have a GPA of at least 3.0
  • Can be sensitive, supportive allies to low-income students who face obstacles in applying to college 
  • Are freshmen, sophomores, or juniors enrolled at one of our partner colleges. 

Current Openings:

Applications for the Advising Fellow role will open in August 2017.  At this time we have two leadership roles open.

  • For the Advising Fellow Leadership Team application, click on the apply button on the top of the page. 
  • For the Head Advising Fellow application, click on the apply button below.

More Information:


  • You’ll receive guidance on how to assist your high school students through the process of selecting and applying to schools, as well as locating scholarships and financial aid opportunities. We’ll help you develop your ability to be a skilled and sensitive advisor to some of the most talented high school students across the country, from Hawaii to Maine. 
  • You’ll be part of an elite group that meets weekly on your campus to share experiences and support one another.
  • You’ll join an entrepreneurial nonprofit organization on the ground floor as one of the founding members of this fellowship. 

“Working with my High School Fellow has given me a sense of purpose and pride. It is extremely rewarding to be a part of such a huge milestone in these students’ lives.”
— Advising Fellow

Interested in a leadership role?

Head Advising Fellows

Head Advising Fellows serve as the leader and manager of Advising Fellows on their campus, as well as the liaison between Matriculate staff and fellows. Head Advising Fellows play a critical role in ensuring the quality of the Matriculate model by ensuring fellows excel in supporting their partners, troubleshooting and solving challenges, helping train, monitoring program implementation, and suggesting and implementing program improvements.

Head Advising Fellows also serve as Advising Fellows themselves, acting as one-on-one partners and guides for Matriculate’s high school fellows across the country applying to college. They will provide the information, guidance, and support that these high school students need to apply to, gain admission to, and excel at the best colleges. 

Head Advising Fellows are volunteers who receive a monetary stipend and have the opportunity to receive course credit and/or work study if offered by their college.


“I value... finding a community on campus where I can automatically relate to others based on our experience with being a low-income student. Equally as satisfying has been being inspired by my high school fellow! 
—Current Advising Fellow